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Timing cover seal replacement

It's not out of the ordinary for mechanics to charge upwards of $500 for labor alone when it comes to timing cover gasket replacement. Reason being, it's not that easy for them to get to the timing cover gaskets in most cars. They have to remove a bunch of other parts to be able to access them, and that can drive the price up.

If you buy a new timing cover seal and gasket kit from fel-pro available at any parts store, it comes with a new oil pan seal, and corner pieces of oil pan gasket. I've used them on my car twice before for cam changes, and it worked very well...no leakage. 7 71swing Member Aug 18, 2006 199 0 17 Omaha,NE Dec 31, 2006 #5.

Besides, you have to put a skin of RTV on the cover to seal the oil pan anyway, so whats the big deal. RTV makes gaskets. Use only a thin skin on the parts you want to join. I also used it to seal the head vent pipes without a gasket too. On one of the heads I had a vent seal, the rubber o-ring, refuse to seal.

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Check the cam seals on the 1.4L. Oil weeps out of those gaskets, down around the timing cover, around the water pump and it collects at the top of the oil pan. Another source is the main crank seal itself, which is removable once the harmonic balancer is removed. This item: FEL-PRO TCS 45458 Timing Cover Set w/Sleeve $15.59 FEL-PRO OS 34308 R Oil Pan Gasket Set $19.12 FEL-PRO BS 40612 Rear Main Seal Set $15.24 jeep xj timing chain jeep xj pulley oil pan gasket kit 2000 jeep cherokee gasket front main seal jeep xj oil pan 351w timing chain cover jeep cherokee timing chain From the manufacturer.

In this Video it is Part 1of a 3 video series on how to replace the timing cover seal on a 1997 Chevy Astrovan. please sit back pop the popcorn and enjoy!Ple....

Remove the valve cover bolts. Intake Manifold replacement base and plenum cover gaskets. $30.95. SHOP NOW. 7227. Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set for Ford. $30.95. SHOP NOW. ... Front Timing Cover Gasket Set #6991 For Small-Block Ford, With Front Seal. $27.95. SHOP NOW. ... Engine Water Pump Gasket Set for Ford /FE 429- 460. $17.95. SHOP NOW. 7262.

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